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Body, mind and soul food for the modern equestrian with Anni Stonebridge BSc. Learn to apply rider and horse biomechanics in your riding and groundwork. LIMA principles all the way. If you’d like to learn more, let’s get started.

What people say

Some recent kind comments from my lovely clients. If you would like to set up a coaching session either face to face or online, send me your details here.

“Anni put me and my horse Hringur completely at ease right from the beginning of our first lesson which created the perfect environment for learning. She is a brilliant communicator and has the ability to explain challenging concepts so they are easily understood. Anni Generates a fabulous feeling of exploration throughout her lessons and has introduced me to a whole new world of riding focusing on placing my body in tune with my horse. At the end of each lesson Anni helps the rider decide on the key points to take away and work on, and along with her post lesson coaching notes this enables the learning process to continue in between lessons.” Mel & Hringur, Fife

“We have been taught by Anni for two years.We would not hesitate to recommend her.

Anni has a holistic approach to coaching, and both horse and rider benefit from this.

Anni utilises modern teaching approaches, which help the rider progress with their learning.  She provides a plan at the start of each lesson and a summary at the end, and a brilliant recap of learning points by email afterwards.

Anni has helped us bring on two four year old horses, without any mishaps or setbacks, due to her positive approach and her fantastic methods of building confidence in horse and rider.

We have noticed that the horses also connect with Anni, and if we pause to discuss points for a moment in the lesson, all our horses will edge over to stand alongside her.  They obviously approve of our choice of instructor too 🙂

The main thing we have found is that the lessons are fun for horse and rider! We have had lots of lessons over the years, and over time the instructors usually blamed horse and/or rider and/or facilities/set up for problems.  Anni works with rider and horse challenges to make the best of every combination, for example older horses with sore backs, riders with injuries.  She always finds a solution for each situation, so you can be the best combination with your horse that you can be!” Anne, Colin, Nathan and our four beloved equines, Buddy, Kuki, Echo and Murphy, Aberdeenshire.

“I began having coaching sessions after Anni used some of her techniques on my mare and I during a saddle fitting she was doing for us. Anni used various techniques with us, well mostly me actually, to help me use my body in a more effective way. This in turn helped my horse to move in a more effective way. My mare was very quickly more relaxed yet more engaged in what we were doing, and the exercises and techniques used were straight forward enough to continue using myself. I’ve since had other coaching sessions which have all had positive outcomes and given me lots to think about. Anni is always very calm and positive with a great sense of humour. Looking forward to better weather so we can get going again :)” Linda W., Moray

“Anni has a calm but encouraging approach, which is excellent for both myself and my youngster. I have done and will continue to recommend Anni lessons.” Gemma, Aberdeenshire

“I have been having coaching with Anni over the last year and without a doubt she has transformed my riding. I struggle with my riding posture due to various arthritic joints and being very right side dominant. She has found a way to help me access my inner core without activating my external muscles groups which tend to get in the way of my connection with my horse. Anni has the most amazing ability to identify seemingly small changes that make a massive difference. Her extensive understanding of both human and horse biomechanics allows her to bring a truly integrated approach to her coaching, she expertly blends explaining what you need to do, with how you can do it, demystifying the art of (seemingly) effortless riding.
Harry Horse and I can not recommend her highly enough.” Jane C, Fife

“Anni is an understanding and patient teacher who has pitched our training sessions together just right. She takes the learner one step at a time, ensuring each stage is embedded before moving to the next.

Anni has deep knowledge and experience of all things equestrian, and brings all of it to her lessons. Her interest and growing understanding of equine bio-mechanics means that she explains in some detail why certain aids and actions cause your horse to respond the way it does. Having such information makes it easier to remember the procedure and to carry on with the ‘homework’ she sets for when she’s not there.

Anni is constantly seeking and testing new ways to improve her own riding skills, which she then passes on to her clients. She is never afraid to introduce a new approach if she things it has a better outcome for horse and rider (in that order, of course!). Anni has a remarkable affinity with horses. We have seen her working with many different horses and ponies over the years, when she was barefoot trimming and they all react positively to Anni’s calm, horse-centred manner. Anni’s lessons have been extremely worthwhile, and have given me and my husband plenty of confidence in our riding ability, whether it is hacking out, schooling, or trekking across Iceland a couple of times!” Carole R., Shetland

“I first met Anni when I was literally stuck with my horse, she unstuck us then and has continued to do so in so many ways over the last few years.
Her coaching to me, is all about helping me be the best partner I can be for my horse, whether on the ground or under saddle. Anni doesn’t do “quick fixes”, she helps you listen to your horse and have empathy and understanding to help them through whatever problem they or you may have. And she’s great fun☺☺ Anni is the best trainer I have ever met and my horse thinks so too.” Lesley G., Aberdeenshire

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