In 2016 my colleague Jane Cumberlidge and I completed Barefoot Horse Keeping – The integrated horse, published by Crowood Press.


Barefoot Horse Keeping is a really practical and accessible guide to all the elements you need to consider in successfully keeping your horse barefoot, including troubleshooting. We include lots of references wherever possible to research findings, and embroider the book with our own findings and observations from our twenty-five years experience as barefoot trimmers in the UK.

Reviewer’s comment: “Thoroughly researched and accessibly explained, this excellent book looks holistically and ethically at all aspects of barefoot horse keeping. It’s breadth of vision is outstanding; from the profound advantages of high welfare management, to the influences of rider and equine biomechanics, diet, nutrition, transition, trimming and booting, trouble shooting and pathologies.

The authors, both experienced hoof care professionals themselves, have packed it full of insight and the ‘pro – comment’ sections brought ‘real world’ clarity to the points under discussion. Its attractively laid out, and honestly and accessibly written. For barefoot horse owners, and professionals alike, its an excellent resource to assist you and your horses on their barefoot journey.”

You can purchase the book from:

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