Saddle Fitting

The majority of saddle fitting problems are essentially technology and design problems. Saddle fitting is complex, but we are learning more and more about what we need to achieve all the time.  From the horse’s perspective problems are often caused by the tree being too narrow, or the wrong shape to accommodate the actual shape of the horse in movement. This is particularly critical in the area where the saddle is intended to sit, just behind the horse’s shoulder, close to the upslope of the withers.

There are two major challenges to the saddle fitter:

  1. Fitting a saddle that gives a similar but larger profile of the area where the saddle sits – the thoracic vertebral region – with the horse in movement in basic collection.
  2. Fitting a saddle that is a comfortable anatomical fit for the rider’s pelvis and which places the rider close to the horse’s centre of gravity.

I am an approved fitter for Lavinia Mitchell Saddles which are designed holistically on biomechanical principles.

During the last few years I and my colleagues Jane Cumberlidge and Dorothy Marks have been working on an innovative seat technology product – Sculptaseat®. Together with LM Saddles we are closer to providing a custom solution to your saddling needs.

If you would like to find out more about the Lavinia Mitchell range of holistic saddles, here is a link. Or you can book a saddle fitting consultation directly with me through the contact page.

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